Hyperdrive is an opinionated microframework for creating hypermedia APIs in Go.

Hyperdrive helps you focus on writing great APIs, with little-to-no boiler plate. It aims to be as idiomatic as possible, using Go’s http.Handler pattern, as much as possible. The framework embraces the REST Architectural Style, helps promote hypermedia best practices and then gets out of your way.


  • Resource-Oriented
  • Flexible and Powerful HTTP Method handling
  • Automatic Content Negotiation
  • Built-In Resource Versioning, via Media Types
  • Automatic CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) support
  • Request Parameter Whitelisting (e.g. allowed vs. required input)
  • Automatic Discovery URL
  • Built-In HATEOS support, via LINK & LOCATION headers, as well as HAL (Hypertext Application Language)
  • Automatic X-HTTP-Method-Override support
  • and more!


go get github.com/hyperdriven/hyperdrive


glide get github.com/hyperdriven/hyperdrive